Hi, I'm Christiane!
I'm passionate about accessibility.

Christiane Link headshot in front of Tower Bridge

About Me

I improve the customer experience in aviation, transport and travel. I’m a collaborative leader with extensive expertise in enhancing accessibility and inclusion in organisations and creating an excellent service for disabled customers.

Airport corridor with different colours

I’m passionate about accessible transport, aviation and access for all in all areas of life. As an optimistic problem solver, an experienced strategist and a successful change agent, I lead others who want to improve the service and experience for their customers by enhancing accessibility and driving inclusion.

I champion the social model of disability, and I use my lived experience to find realistic solutions.


As a former journalist for 20 years, I worked for leading British and German news companies and covered current affairs and news events worldwide; additionally, I founded a newspaper and received the “Female Entrepreneur of the year” award for this startup. I have delivered talks and presentations at dozens of conferences and events in several countries in two languages.


I love travelling, and I am passionate about transport access for all. I believe everyone should be able to travel the world. Following this belief, I have developed strategies and training for organisations that approached me to help them improve accessibility and inclusion. My company Ortegalink Ltd is a boutique consultancy that supports enterprises of all sizes, from small businesses to Stock Exchange-listed companies, including leading airlines, airports and transport providers.  

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